How to Sell on Walmart : Beginner Tutorial

How to Sell on Walmart : Beginner Tutorial

Expanding your online presence by selling on Walmart can significantly increase your sales. This guide explains how to apply, list products and understand Walmart’s costs and referencing. Selling on Walmart gives you access to over 500 million monthly users, high product visibility and order processing services similar to Amazon FBA. Unlike Etsy or eBay, Walmart doesn’t charge listing fees, making it a cost-effective option. With fewer sellers than Amazon, Walmart offers less competition and more opportunities for sales growth.

Why sell on Walmart?


– Large customer base: Over 500 million monthly users.

– High visibility: Walmart’s well-known name increases product reach.

– Distribution services: Similar to Amazon FBA, you won’t need to manage inventory.

– Economical: No listing fees, unlike Etsy or eBay.

– Diversified risk: Reduces dependence on a single platform like Amazon.

– Growing marketplace: 100% year-on-year growth, with a 79% increase in e-commerce sales in Q3 2022.

– Less competition: Only 150,000 sellers versus 6.3 million for Amazon.

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Requirements for selling on Walmart

– Sales history: At least 12 months of solid sales and revenues.

– Product range: A minimum of 10 SKUs.

– Location: Initially aimed at US-based sellers, now open to sellers in Canada, China, India, Japan, Mexico and the UK.

Product recommendations for Walmart

– Generic products: aimed at a wide audience, particularly in the fitness, home and pet categories.

– Affordable products: Walmart shoppers prefer low-priced items.

– Restricted items: Customized products with illustrations or text may be restricted.

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How Walmart works

– Application: Submit a business tax identification number, supporting documents and sales history.

– Account setup : Complete registration, tax forms, payment and shipping information.

– Fulfillment methods: Choose between Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), Deliver (3PL) or Seller Shipped.

– Product list: Add products individually or in bulk, requiring a GS1 barcode.

– Advertising: Use Walmart Connect for sponsored product and brand advertising.

Costs and profitability of selling on Walmart


– Fees: 8-15% referral fee per product, no set-up or registration fees. Processing costs depend on the size and weight of the product.

– Revenue potential: 4-12% additional revenue for established brands already selling on Amazon.

Tips for successful selling at Walmart


  1. Optimize ads: Use relevant keywords, professional images and detailed descriptions.
  2. Ad quality dashboard: Analyze and improve ads for better performance.
  3. Avoid Amazon content: Walmart’s SEO differs from Amazon’s; focus on quality rather than keywords.
  4. Professional Sales Badge: Meet the criteria for better visibility and conversions.
  5. Walmart Fulfilment: Improve product visibility with fast shipping and reliable service.

Advantages and disadvantages of selling on Walmart’s Ecommerce platform


Advantages :

– High visibility

– Less competition

– No monthly fees

– Extensive network



– Not suitable for niche or expensive products

– Strict application process

– Competitive prices

– Poor customer service

Litchi Walmart advantages

Selling on Walmart is beneficial for Amazon sellers looking to diversify and reach a wider audience. Competitive pricing and a solid sales track record can help you succeed on Walmart’s growing platform.


Selling on Walmart is a great way to expand your online presence and increase your sales. SEO works well for selling on Walmart; it has a large integrated customer base with over 500 million monthly users. Walmart has a huge customer base.


Walmart is a household name; you can increase the visibility and reach of your products. You have access to Walmart’s distribution services. Walmart offers a distribution service similar to Amazon FBA, so you don’t have to touch the inventory. Unlike other marketplaces like Etsy or Ebay, Walmart doesn’t charge listing fees, making it a cost-effective option for selling online, even if you already are.


Selling on Amazon by extending to channels like Walmart helps diversify your risks and reduce your dependence on a single platform. If Amazon closes your account or listings overnight, you won’t lose all your revenue, even though Walmart only has a 6.5 percent market share compared to Amazon’s 39.8 percent, Walmart remains the second largest e-commerce market in the U.S. and Walmart is growing 100 year over year with an increase of 79 e-commerce sales in the U.S..


What’s more, in the third quarter of 2022 alone, Walmart has just 150,000 sellers, compared with Amazon’s 6.3 million, making it far less competitive as a seller. Walmart has a customer-to-salesperson ratio of 800:1, compared with 124:1 for Amazon. requirements to sell on Walmart, you need at least 12 months of sales to be approved for a seller account on Walmart, so Walmart is best suited to established brands with solid sales.

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