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Innovation is one of our strengths. Our team is constantly looking for innovative ideas to improve your business’ performance.

We always have the ideas and knowledge that will maximize your success. Whether it’s for the manufacturer, for ecommerce, for shipping or for social media.

Our experience as educators allows us to convey our know-how and knowledge.

Creative Team

Creativity is our credential!

Having Interior Designers on our team, we are always on the lookout for trending marketing ideas to optimize your projects! Our experience in decoration, design and visual identity will be indispensable for any type of project with our team!



For our team, involvement comes in many ways: through your ideas, through the realization of your ambitions, through work well done and through openness to different possibilities.

We have a strong and trustworthy team, you can trust us to bring your projects to fruition. 

Being fully devoted to excellence is what drives our work. Bring us your projects and we will find the right ideas for you!

Content writing

Your website and newsletters are great ways to grow your business, acquire more customers and generate more revenue. By using them to their full potential and in a strategic way, you will see incredible results… But to do so, it is essential to fill them consistently with relevant and high quality content.

And that is EXACTLY our expertise! Creating content that people not only want to see, but that will position your company as THE reference in the minds of your online community!

Truly, your impact will be mainly through your unique qualities, your message and the way you communicate. Developing a content strategy for social media, newsletters, sales pages and blogs is a kind of art that requires a lot of thought and creativity. Our team develops advanced marketing strategies.

Marketing and ECOMMERCE

Though it is necessary to have a solid and original concept, you also need to demonstrate a sales technique ”without seeming to sell products”. Your customers see the how and why of your finished products in action in the media. Need help with your branding, logo and marketing strategy? This is our expertise!

Ecommerce is the new reality. For any business, it is essential to know the mechanics of e-commerce and to take advantage of them. Our team has mastered platforms such as Amazon, Wayfair, online stores, Facebook stores, plugins, etc.

For any business, it is crucial to look at your customer base, mission, slogan, color scheme, business style and online sales strategy. Our team will work hand in hand with you on these steps.

Wordpress specialists

Our team is used to working with the WordPress platform. We can optimize your site, fill it with content and blogs and also create newsletters. We will maximize your website. Are you using another online sales platform? No problem! We know how to create content no matter the type of website.

B to B is our field!

Our in-depth knowledge is related to B to B (Business to Business).

Our specialty? Hardware stores and decorating/painting stores! Our seamless adaptation to the business world allows us to always do the best research to maximize the marketing of your company.

Marketing Strategists

Our team specialize in content and brand marketing. Litchi Marketing excels in Ecommerce because that is our day to day operation in a real Quebec company of online sales, B to B and B to C.

Amazon and Ecommerce Experts

Want to sell online on your website store, Facebook, Etsy, Amazon, Wayfair and others? We sell on these platforms and many others with Colorantic, so for us, it’s not rocket science!

Do you want to optimize your time and reduce import, billing and shipping losses? We will optimize your systems to make them easy to use and capable of connecting to each other. Saving you time (and money) is our priority!

Automation of orders & sales processes (CRM / Newsletters / INTER-RELATED PLATFORMS)

We offer optimization services for different applications, CRM, accounting systems with connectors as well as CRM & newsletter platforms. Our team has experience in these areas and can optimize your content creation for the desired marketing strategy.

Did you know that exporting and importing products is a vital element in attaining international success? We will maximize efforts to achieve the best marketing results for your target audience.

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