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Our Mission

At Litchi Marketing our mission is to meet your needs according to your expectations. We will work in close collaboration with your company, building a bond of trust and understanding that will make you feel confident in the management of your project. A long-term collaboration, with you at the heart of our approach.

Business Booster

We will work to develop a Digital Marketing Audit plan tailored to your needs and objectives.

With our expertise in SEO, business launch, social networks, robotics, finance, E-Commerce, Amazon/Etsy, applications and automations, we will help you achieve your positioning goals in your business ecosystem.

Accredited Supplier Digital Marketing Auditors

Program offered by the Government of Canada CDAP

Bilingual consultants

Loan amounts by business income

  • For revenues of $500,000 to less than $5 million: loan of $25,000 to $50,000
  • For revenues of $5 million or more: loan of $25,000 to $100,000.


    • The loan term is 5 years with a 12-month capital deferral (total of 6 years).
    • It’s a no-fee loan
    • You have 6 months – from the date your plan is approved – to apply for a loan from BDC.
    • You must meet BDC’s – solvency requirements
  • You can call on skilled students or recent graduates to help your company achieve its digital adoption objectives.
  • You could receive a wage subsidy of up to $7300 to hire a young professional for a paid internship.

The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) can help you go digital, increase your online presence and digitize your business activities. The CDAP provides financing and support for businesses, as well as training and work opportunities for young Canadians.

The program offers two grants:


The Expand Your Business Online Grant helps small businesses take advantage of e-commerce opportunities. Your company must have had $30,000 in gross revenue last year or 1 employee.

o You can access a network of e-commerce consultants to
receive advice and support.
o You can get up to $2,400 to buy new ecommerce tools.


The Enhance Your Business Technology Grant helps small and medium-sized businesses adopt new digital technologies. Your company must have had $500,000 in gross revenue in one of the last 3 years and 1 employee.

o You can use a free digital assessment tool to evaluate your own digital maturity.
o You can get up to $15,000 to consult a digital expert and develop a digital adoption plan.
o You can obtain up to $100,000 in interest-free loans from the BDC to implement your digital adoption plan.
o You can take advantage of a paid internship to hire a recent graduate or student to help you with your digital transformation.

We are accredited for STREAM 2

Need financing to adopt new technologies?

Ready to move forward with your digital adoption plan, but lacking the necessary cash flow? BDC can help you with an interest-free loan of up to $100,000.


You are eligible if you have developed a digital adoption plan with Litchi Marketing

  • within the framework of the CDAP with receipt of the subsidy OR
  • as part of another recognized digital adoption program and sent to CDAP

    Our expertise for our Digital Marketing Audits


    Our team includes an accountant specializing in manufacturing companies. We can advise you on accounting and ERP systems best suited to your type of business.

    An in-depth Audit report can also be offered to analyze your overall finances.


    Our #1 specialty: optimizing connectors to make the B to B and B to C customer experience easy, enjoyable and efficient! We will analyze your manufacturing, distribution or ecommerce business, and maximize resources to inter-connect all platforms, including accounting.

    Marketing Strategists

    Whether it’s the start of a brand, re-branding, marketing strategy, newsletters, blogs, visuals, posters, logo creation, labels, etc. Our team is expert in content and product marketing. Specializing in manufacturing and ecommerce businesses, we will strive to bring you a strategy to aim higher!

    Examples of blogs


    The days when a company could have only a physical storefront are almost over. Now, it’s all about having a website and selling both online and face-to-face. We are experts in marketing strategies for online sales. If you are looking for a bilingual Ecommerce marketing solution, Litchi is the answer. Amazon, Etsy, specialized BtoB sites… are just some of the sites we will evaluate with you.

    Example of an online shopping site


    Optimizing your website with the right keywords is based on the art of SEO research. Our team can help you add keywords, meta titles, meta descriptions, and create blogs to optmize the search on internet engines such as Google, etc. It’s great to have a nice website but if it doesn’t appear anywhere, you won’t be any further ahead! SEO allows visibility.

    SEO example: 1st page on Google (Canadian Chalk Based Paint)


    Content writing services for your website, blogs, digital marketing audits for CDAP, various provincial/federal grants and newsletters are offered at Litchi Marketing. We are a team of bilingual editors. Our team is composed of French and English language specialists. We will find the words to share the passion of your products/services.

    Our strategy is based on the following objectives




    Design & Strategies