Digital Transformation – tourism

Quote – Approbation

1- The estimate must be presented “per breacket” of hours and tasks to be carried out;

2- The quote must be submitted, approved and signed by the supported company;

3- Once the company has accepted the estimate and signed it, the must send it to us;

4- Since the coaching service is subsidized by the MTO and MEIE, it must meet eligibility criteria, so the specification of the digital tasks to be performed must also be verified by ÉAQ (Contre signé ÉAQ Virage Numérique).

Financial support equivalent to 80% of fees, up to $6640 for a maximum of 40 hours.

Conditions to be met:

1- The chosen support firm must not be a technology solution provider, and must be neutral in its choice of solutions;
2- The chosen coaching firm must offer digital coaching services in line with program objectives and established themes;
3- The chosen support firm must be located in Quebec.

There are also 3 essential criteria to meet:

1) The company must be eligible;
2) The support mandate itself must be eligible;
3) The supplier of the digital coaching expertise service must also be eligible.