Selling on Walmart

Walmart Marketplace is a retail channel comparable to online platforms such as eBay, Amazon or Etsy. Launched in the United States in 2009, this platform has been available to Canadian companies since 2017 to sell with Walmart Canada.

Did you know that by 2020, two billion consumers will be using the Web to make their purchases? Of all the options available to businesses, Walmart Marketplace presents itself as a logical and accessible choice for companies in Canadian provinces.


Advantages of selling on Walmart Marketplace Canada and USA

Companies turning to digital online sales to bolster their sales strategy don’t always think of Walmart Marketplace. Even if the platform is more discreet than other competitors such as Amazon, it shouldn’t be overlooked. It offers users a host of possibilities and advantages.


Online sales at and

One of the main attractions of Walmart Marketplace is the scale of its audience in North America. As one of the world’s largest companies, Walmart provides its sellers with considerable visibility. When a company joins the retail giant’s transactional platform, its products are displayed alongside those of Walmart. In this way, it benefits directly from user searches on the Walmart Canada and Walmart USA sites. In addition, the Walmart Marketplace platform offers a number of other advantages.

Walmart seller account management

To be successful on Walmart Canada or Walmart USA, a salesperson must effectively manage two major categories related to the platform: sales and marketing. The first category may include aspects such as logistics and inventory management. The second covers promotions and advertising. By delegating this task to an expert, such as the Litchi Marketing team, the salesperson can save time and money.

In the past, many entrepreneurs and small businesses have been reluctant to use Amazon Marketplace or eBay because of the high monthly sales fees. However, there is now an alternative offering a comparable level of visibility: the Walmart marketplace. This platform offers unique advantages not available in other markets. Here’s what you need to know to launch your online sales at Walmart Canada or Walmart United States.

The Walmart marketplace has been in business longer than many realize, having been launched in 2009, a period when Amazon also took off. However, Walmart imposes strict rules concerning the sellers authorized on its platform, the eligible products, and the service continuity criteria.

Unlike Amazon Marketplace or eBay, where almost anyone can sell, Walmart USA requires sellers to be registered US businesses with a validated EIN number. This requirement has previously restricted access to many potential sellers. Today, with the ease of registering a business, even for sole proprietors, it has become much simpler to meet the criteria. This increased accessibility has helped boost Walmart’s popularity and brand awareness.

Walmart remains selective about who it admits to its supplier network, so it’s crucial to meet their standards and maintain these qualifications.

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Profitable for sellers

Walmart Marketplace charges its sellers very few fees. First of all, there are no start-up costs to open a marketplace store. There are also no monthly fees to pay to continue selling on the platform. The only fees that will be charged to sellers are those on the sale of a product, which can vary between 6% and 20% of its value.

The main advantage for small businesses choosing to sell on the Walmart marketplace is the fee model: you only pay a referral fee when you make a sale. Conversely, Amazon and eBay charge a monthly fee simply for having a seller account, and they also limit the number of monthly sales based on your subscription. Walmart’s pay-for-performance system may prove particularly attractive to small businesses looking to minimize expenses before generating revenue.

Less competition

Walmart’s Marketplace platform is relatively new, especially compared to eBay or Amazon. In fact, it has only been possible to sell on Walmart Marketplace in Canada since 2017. Walmart’s rigorous selection process ensures that the sellers who use it have little competition. This makes it easier for a seller to stand out from competitors on this platform than on Amazon, for example.

Because Walmart is very picky about who can sell on the market, you’ll have fewer competitors. What’s more, Walmart requires your product selection to be unique, which further reduces your direct competition.

Controlling your own products

Companies that choose to sell on Walmart Marketplace benefit from a significant advantage: they retain total control over their products. In this way, they can manage their own inventory and optimize their product files. Sellers belonging to Walmart’s elite club can also select their preferred delivery method from the various options offered by Walmart.

Websites affiliated with Walmart Marketplace

Companies that obtain authorization to sell on the Walmart Marketplace online sales platform also benefit from the websites affiliated with it. As a result, Walmart sellers can also sell their products on an external site such as

Walmart Marketplace Canada and USA

The process for launching and opening a store on Walmart Marketplace is similar to that of Best Buy Marketplace. Interested companies must submit a request to the Walmart Marketplace team to gain access to the platform. This request must include information such as the company’s delivery policy, address and geographical location, as well as tax details. To be eligible to sell on Walmart Marketplace, the company must also offer products in one of the 35 categories defined by Walmart, ranging from clothing to paint.

Large audience

Thanks to its offer of free two-day delivery with no subscription required, Walmart currently attracts more customers than Amazon. This policy, combined with the requirement for a unique product selection, enables you to reach more people looking for what you have to offer.

Instead of building your own website from scratch or using lesser-known platforms, you can leverage the trust consumers place in Walmart. The company offers a simple returns process and enjoys high customer satisfaction, making shopping at Walmart comfortable and low-risk for consumers.

Walmart’s reputation

Who hasn’t walked into a Walmart store? But did you know there’s also an online shopping experience at and

This online marketplace boasts over 50 million product listings and more than 33,000 sellers, representing enormous potential. Many people are still discovering this digital market.

If you sell on your own website, you already know how difficult it can be to acquire new buyers as an independent seller. When people think of shopping, Walmart is often the store of choice in the United States. Walmart sellers benefit from the reputation associated with the brand, and unsavory sellers are excluded.

Walmart customer selection

As already mentioned, Walmart doesn’t allow just anyone to sell on its platform. They are keen to maintain their positive image as a popular department store.

You’ll need to have an established reputation on your own e-commerce website or other platforms before applying to become a Walmart salesperson. That’s because Walmart wants to validate that you’re going to be a good, reliable, and ethical partner. They’ll examine your company and products through reviews, order return rates, and comparative pricing on other sites. Walmart does not allow individuals to have seller accounts.

In general, your company needs to demonstrate

  • Excellent customer service and positive interactions
  • Attractive competitive prices for Walmart online shoppers
  • A selection of unique products that add real value to the market

Finally, Walmart will also scrutinize your main website and other platforms for product codes, product catalog details and size, and other related product information.

Selling at Walmart in the United States

To take advantage of this digital market, you need to already be established in the world of e-commerce, having gained experience on platforms such as eBay or Amazon. In addition, your company must be officially registered.

You don’t necessarily have to be based in the United States. International sellers can obtain a DUNS number. It’s also possible for companies in Canadian provinces, such as New Brunswick, to start selling on Walmart Canada.

Unrivalled support

Selling your products on Walmart Marketplace is a pleasant experience. Unlike other platforms that may seem unnecessarily complicated, you’ll find that managing all aspects of your business via online sales at Walmart is significantly simpler. What’s more, customer support, which is provided from India, is fast and efficient.

Visibility on Walmart

Did you know that 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart store? It would be hard to find a person in the United States who hasn’t visited a Walmart or at least heard of one. Walmart’s online marketplace attracts over 100 million monthly visitors, offering exceptional visibility and reach for your products.

Visibility on Walmart

Did you know that 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart store? It would be hard to find a person in the United States who hasn’t visited a Walmart or at least heard of one. Walmart’s online marketplace attracts over 100 million monthly visitors, offering exceptional visibility and reach for your products.

Walmart online categories

Walmart already has a well-established target audience. This means that the products you offer must correspond to the expectations and needs of your buyers.

The products you sell must not only belong to one of Walmart’s recognized categories, they must also be both sought-after and unique.

Why sell to Walmart online?

Online sales have become one of the most popular business strategies for companies wishing to expand nationally or internationally. With the steady growth of e-commerce, it’s not surprising that everyone wants to grab a share of the digital market.

Walmart Marketplace, one of the most dynamic online marketplaces, is constantly introducing new features to give brands and sellers easier access to its vast customer base.

For example, customers can now return in-store items purchased on the Marketplace, and two-day delivery is offered on millions of products.

While many different platforms exist for selling and buying items, there are several aspects that make Walmart Marketplace a standout option.

WFS (Walmart Fulfillment Service) or WBM (Walmart By Merchant) shipments

As a salesperson, you are responsible for managing orders and returns. However, you can opt for Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), which takes care of storing, packing and shipping your items. Using WFS can make the process both more economical and faster.

To access WFS, costs include a fulfillment fee based on item weight and a monthly storage fee.

If you choose to delegate order management to Walmart rather than manage it yourself, you will only be required to pay return shipping costs if the error is attributable to your management, such as in the case of damaged, defective, incorrect, not conforming to the description, or incomplete products.

Product restrictions

Although Walmart seems to offer a wide range of products, there are some restrictions on the items you can sell via the Seller Center. Perishables and restricted products are prohibited.

Our team also advises against the sale of products containing batteries, large items and dietary supplements. Products likely to freeze or break should also be avoided. We recommend smaller products to minimize your delivery costs.

How do I get paid by Walmart?

Payments in US dollars are deposited directly into your US bank account every two weeks. International sellers can also access this digital marketplace through software integrations, although the process can be slightly more complex than for US-resident sellers.

Canadian sellers receive their payments directly into their Canadian bank account. This process is both quick and easy.

Selling at Walmart online with LITCHI Marketing

Selling on Walmart Marketplace can be a very interesting option for companies in Quebec and Canada. Once the selection process has been successfully completed, your company retains a great deal of control over the products it sells on Walmart. However, it must also ensure that its products are well referenced in user searches. That’s what Litchi Marketing specializes in, and we can help.

At Litchi Marketing, we’ve developed a specialty in digital marketing. Thanks to the expertise of our team, we can guide companies from the creation of their Walmart Marketplace to the optimization of their product listings. In this way, they meet and exceed their objectives.

Are you ready to start selling your products online? Looking for a white-label e-commerce solution? If so, check out our rates today to find the right plan for your business!