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Over the years, Litchi Marketing’s team has developed highly specialized expertise in many aspects of selling on Amazon. From advertising and market analysis to product integration and optimization, we use all our know-how and high-performance tools to help you stand out on the Amazon Seller online sales platform.

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Create an Amazon seller account

To list products on Amazon, you must have a seller account. This account is available at two different levels: individual and professional. This is what enables you to use all the features of the online sales platform. Before taking the plunge, sellers also need to know what can be sold on Amazon.

Market and profitability analysis


On Amazon, as in any other business, market analysis and product profitability can be highly strategic when it comes to making important decisions. In this case, it’s aimed at sellers who want to enter a new market, but also at those who want to optimize their store. With the right tools, market and profitability analysis on Amazon can give you a considerable advantage, so you can prepare yourself and get off to the best possible start.

Amazon account management

If a seller wants to achieve success on Amazon, he or she must ensure that two major skills related to the platform are properly managed. These skills are operations and marketing. The former may include logistics management, shipping to Amazon warehouses or inventory management. The second concerns advertising and promotional strategies. By entrusting this to a team of Amazon experts like Litchi Marketing, customers can generate recurring monthly revenues.


“It’s necessary to have a solid and original product concept, but also to demonstrate a sales technique “without looking like you’re selling products”. Your customers can also see the whys and wherefores of your finished products in action in the media. Need help with your marketing strategy? That’s what we do! I’ve been selling my products on Amazon for over 7 years. 20 years ago, in the early days of Amazon, I also sold my university books. I’ve unlocked many closed accounts and also enabled entrepreneurs to create their own products overseas or in Canada to sell on Amazon. There’s a whole strategy behind Amazon, and you need to be an expert to avoid making serious mistakes on Amazon and risking losing money, time, or worse, having your account closed by Amazon with a few mistakes… Entrust your Amazon account management to our expert team!”

Marianne Soucy

Owner, Litchi Marketing

SEO optimization of products


On Amazon, sellers must ensure that their product listings are optimized according to SEO standards. It’s this optimization that improves their visibility in search engines and directories. SEO optimization of keywords is therefore an indispensable factor in sales results for an Amazon merchant. However, it’s important to know how to go about this optimization: writing and structuring files, choosing keywords and managing campaigns. Litchi Marketing can help.

Category restrictions


Amazon is a highly diversified, yet complex, online sales platform. However, some products cannot be sold there or are restricted. For example, a vendor cannot offer second-hand clothing. Certain categories of prohibited products include heavy or bulky goods, fragile items, liquids likely to freeze, food powders or supplements, and products containing batteries, among others. We’re here to advise you on high-potential products to sell on Amazon. We’ll guide you through the long haul and help you navigate online sales platforms!

Trademark registration

To help brands protect their image, Amazon offers several protection tools, including suggestions from trademark attorneys. Once a brand has been registered, its owner can, for example, standardize the description of all his products. This registration gives access to several features, such as A+ content for categories, branded banners on product sheets and the Amazon Store. With a legally registered trademark, you reduce the risk of highjackers (usually from China) interested in duplicating your product files, giving you peace of mind. Prevention is better than cure!

Get product reviews


Obtaining customer reviews is essential for Amazon sellers. This allows you to increase the performance rate of your Amazon store, giving you access to features such as coupon creation. Amazon merchants can use a variety of strategies to gather customer feedback. We’ll discuss the various options with you.

Amazon logistics

Amazon offers its sellers two shipping logistics options: FBA and FBM. The first option, FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), delegates warehousing and shipping entirely to Amazon. The second option, FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant), enables sellers to manage their responsibilities themselves from their own warehouse. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, making them more suitable for different types of sellers on Amazon. Did you know that you can also combine the two options depending on the type of product?

Customer service on Amazon

One of the most effective strategies for a salesperson to improve his or her store’s rating is to offer exceptional customer service. This includes not only complaints management, but also returns management. Fortunately, in some cases, it’s possible to entrust this responsibility to our team at Litchi Marketing. We manage customer communications (in English, French and Spanish), solicit buyer feedback, and monitor Amazon campaigns on a weekly basis.

The coupon sales strategy

Amazon coupons are tools that enable sellers to offer an ephemeral discount on their products. To be able to create coupons, however, users must meet certain eligibility criteria. What’s more, not all products can be promoted in this way. There are many other strategies, and we can advise and support you!

Developing new markets

Expanding into new markets on Amazon offers multiple advantages for sellers. For example, by entering a market where they are not yet present, they can significantly increase their sales and accelerate the growth of their business. However, to succeed in this development, they need to carry out two essential analyses: the profitability analysis and the market analysis. Are you planning to sell internationally? Amazon is a great place to start!

Selling on Amazon internationally

Thanks to Amazon International, sellers can easily penetrate new markets. This feature makes it possible to create unified accounts for sales in global markets such as North America and Europe. This strategy has many advantages for the seller. We’ll support you in Amazon Global Sales. IMPORTANT: taxes must be managed by tax specialists or accounting firms according to your sales results by state or country! We can suggest specialized accountants for you!

Buybox acquisition strategies

Getting the Buybox on Amazon is one of the most effective ways of increasing sales. It enables a salesperson to present his or her default product to the customer. Several factors influence Buybox acquisition, such as stock levels, seller performance and the price offered. Fortunately, a merchant on Amazon can act on these criteria. What’s more, it’s easier to manage your Buybox when you own a registered trademark.

Specialized tools for Amazon

We use several tools to take your Amazon products to the next level. Used properly, they can, for example, help you win new suppliers or enter a new market. The Litchi Marketing team can help Amazon sellers maximize their usage. These tools are fully managed by our company and are part of an optimal optimization to ensure the best positioning for you.

Brand strategy

It’s also important to have a website, a social media presence and Google Ads campaigns to attract new visitors and buyers to your Amazon store. This will increase your conversions, and it’s possible that your Amazon customers will also want to buy from your website after an initial order.

Enhanced Brand Content

Also known as A+ content, Enhanced Brand Content helps salespeople highlight the different aspects of a brand and product range. To gain access, you need to be a brand owner or an official distributor. The A+ content includes various modules that can be assembled according to the wishes of the merchant on Amazon. We’ll create attractive visuals, powerful videos and an optimal Amazon store to set you apart from the competition.

Amazon advertising

The online retail giant offers its sellers several advertising options. These options range from simple image ads to more elaborate banner ads. Thanks to a well-planned advertising campaign and weekly monitoring, a vendor can, for example, significantly increase the number of impressions of his products. However, this is just one of the many applications of this tool. PPC campaigns are essential for positioning on the first pages and boosting sales.

Profitability analysis

The Amazon account profitability analysis enables sellers to optimize their operations to maximize profitability. It takes into account aspects such as the logistical costs of its account and the prices of its suppliers. When entrusted to experts, profitability analysis can help a merchant save money and better manage his margin structure.

Promotional offers strategy

Amazon offers a wide range of promotional strategies. A seller may decide to create a discount coupon, or a cash rebate on the product price. Used correctly and based on a marketing plan, these promotional offers can be a commercial asset for the profitability of an Amazon store.

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