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How to restore furniture with Colorantic products?Do you like to recycle furniture?Colorantic shares its tips for successful projects.Restoring furniture has never been easier with Colorantic!Please contact us before starting your project. We'll be happy to advise and...

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How to restore furniture with Colorantic products?

Do you like to recycle furniture?
Colorantic shares its tips for successful projects.
Restoring furniture has never been easier with Colorantic!
Please contact us before starting your project. We’ll be happy to advise and guide you.
819-795-4442 or
Follow each step carefully and you’re done!
Watch our video “How to restore a piece of furniture with Colorantic?”

How do I restore with Colorantic?

List of products used

  • Varnish cleaner and stripper
  • Chalk paint of your choice
  • Top coat
  • Sandblasting block
  • Mandarin Granulated Soap
  • Oil- or water-based primer Grip-all
  • Brush of your choice
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1. Thoroughly clean the surface with our Polish Cleaner & Remover to remove all old products from your furniture. Our Colorantic varnish cleaner and make-up remover removes all dirt, grease and residues from your furniture. Spray on and leave for 30 minutes for best results. Then wipe clean with a damp cloth. Repeat as necessary.

2. Sand with our sanding blocks for easier application. Good sanding is a step not to be neglected. By lightly scraping the surface of your furniture, our chalk paint will adhere better. This also removes all traces of old varnish. Sand until there is no longer any matt sheen.

3. Apply our oil- or water-based primer for better adhesion of our chalk paint. This creates an effective barrier that allows the paint to adhere better to your furniture. If your furniture has already been painted with water-based paint, please use our water-based brush. If you think that what was on your furniture was oil paint, use our Oil Primer. IF YOU’RE NOT SURE, THEN ALWAYS USE OUR OIL PRIMER.

***How do you know whether to use a water- or oil-based primer? Before starting your project, take a cotton swab or ear pick and soak it in rubbing alcohol. Rub the pad on your furniture… If paint appears on your pad, it’s a water-based paint, so use our Grip-all water-based primer. If you look at your stamp and there’s nothing on it, it’s an oil-based paint, so use our Oil Primer.

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Steps to follow

4. Paint your furniture with our Colorantic chalk-based paint. Choose the color of your choice and spread it over the entire surface. Our chalk paint is creamy, opaque and easily covers any surface. It will give your furniture a matt, vintage effect, and often only one coat is needed. Repeat as necessary for the desired effect. You’ll notice that our Colorantic chalk paint is odorless and totally environmentally friendly, meeting all Health Canada standards. What’s more, our plastic pots are reusable.

5. Apply matte varnish at the very end, when everything is completely dry. Our Matte Varnish acts as a long-lasting protection and contains only 5% shine, giving a matte effect. For better protection, put 2-3 layers on so that your furniture can be washed every day. (If you use products other than those from Colorantic… Please note that Colorantic products are only compatible with Quebec or Canadian products).

***We also have Waxes and Glazes that can act as protectors for your furniture. The wax has a rather exfoliating texture and takes about ten days to dry. Our waxes give an antique vintage look and enhance the depths and accents of your furniture. Our enamels add shine and also take a few days to dry. If you have any questions about our Matte Varnishes, Waxes or Glazes, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to explain the particularities of each.***

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To conclude

Before starting your project, we recommend that you test our paints and other products on small pieces of wood or other mouldings. This will give you a good idea of color, texture, quantity and result.

If you’d like to get even more ideas for reupholstering furniture, you can visit the following group:

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